Sunday, August 29, 2010

You probably know me enough to know that I am NOT a morning person. Never have been. Just before I came to BFA, my friend Rachel gave me a great mug that says: "I don't do mornings"! It has been my constant companion these two years. I have my daily breakfast tea in it while I trudge through the first couple classes of each school day. During those two years, I have had to teach during 2nd period, and during the spring semesters I have proctored Study Hall during 1st period...a painful undertaking.

But Study Hall 1st period was nothing! This semester, I have to actually TEACH during 1st period, every day! AGH! This does not bode well for me or my students. I am trying to do my best at going to bed a little earlier so I can wake up earlier. All this in order to get the crabby out of my system before I'm forced to deal with students, who deep down insided I really do love.

Besides my morning tea in my trusty mug (still emblazoned with my message "I don't do mornings" should any student need reminding!), I need something else to cheer me into a good mood. Lucky for me, someone in our quaint little German town decided to paint their house like this:

Now, doesn't that just make you smile...or actually just laugh right out loud! I see this on my walk to work every morning. And I think I have smiled or laughed out loud every morning. That bright red apartment building just makes me happy every time I see it. I have to thank God for that. It's the first smile of my day and I wanted to share it with you.

Look for those moments, those people, those circumstances or things that God brings into your life to give you a little joy when you least expect it. Really look for them, they are all around us. Then take a minute to thank God for them. They really are gifts from Him. He deserves our thanks for bringing us the joy in our lives.

I'm praying God opens your eyes to a little gift He's given you. Next time you smile or laugh, remember who made it happen!

PS, I'm actually laughing right now. I just did a preview of this message and when I caught a look at the picture, it just made me laugh all over again. Also, I found a typo when I read the preview, but now I can't find it. Extra points to anyone who can point out where that typo went!

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  1. I am sad to say this but...I just realized you have a blog. I am sure you've told me in the past. I guess I've just kept up to date by reading your facebook posts. Anyways, I was thinking of writing you a message today because I've been using my BFA pen to take notes in class, and thinking that you are likely making your students take notes, perhaps with BFA pens too, but probably not (the pen part that is).

    Have you memorized all of your students' favorite candy yet?

    Which reminds me, I need to write Airheads a letter telling them to stop experimenting with new flavors. One in the package you got me nearly made me throw up, it was mint lemonade or something, gross!

    Oh, I got to hang out with Justin Rose last week for a little bit. He was visiting Courtney Fuqua in Champaign. Good times.

    Things at the Corps in Champaign are really turning around it seems. We'll be hiring a youth pastor plus some other positive changes, thanks for your prayers! I preached this past Sunday, first time without a translator!!

    Well gotta go. We'll be praying for your mornings and thanking God for red apartments!

    Nate (and Ashley)