Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back in the USA

I’m home! And 6 weeks from now I’ll be going back home. That’s my life now, I go from home to home, happily traveling around the world to my other home once or twice a year. Right now, I’m in the Chicagoland area, enjoying the time I have at one of my American homes. Later in the summer I’ll travel to Ithaca, NY to my other American home, my family home.

I hope to send regular notes this summer with highlights from my year. But this first one is actually about my first weekend back in the U.S.

My good friend Mary was commissioned and ordained as a minister in The Salvation Army on Sunday morning, June 13th. Mary and I (with my friend Tanya) have been in an accountability group for about 8 years. Mary has been a great friend, a godly example, a constant encourager. I am so blessed to have her in my life. And I was honored and proud to be there to witness her ordination. She was chosen by her classmates to be their representative speaker during the ceremony because she’s just THAT cool! I sincerely thank God for the gift that Mary and Tanya have been in my life. I thank God for no more volcanic ash clouds that could’ve delayed my trip home. I thank God for allowing me to witness and support my dear friend Mary on her big day.

I hope you, too, have a friend (or more) like Mary in your life.
-the type of friend who prays with you and for you,
-who laughs with you,
-the type of friend who drives out of her way to be at an event of yours when she knows you’re gonna need a little extra support,
-the type of friend who fills a journal full of thoughts, scripture and prayers for you to read when you’re on a mission trip,
-the type of friend who challenges you to be a better person, to be the person God wants you to be.

If you have those friends, take a minute to thank God for that gift. If you don’t, take a minute to ask God to bring one of them into your life. And don’t forget to BE that type of friend to someone else. They need it as much as you do.

Thanks for your involvement in my life. I am blessed!


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