Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas

White Christmas is my favorite Christmas movie. It says a lot about the film since I'm not a huge "old movie" buff. But I just love that movie. The Christmas season is not complete without one or two, maybe three viewings of it. But, that's actually not what this blog is about....It's about the fact that I am literally dreaming of, and praying for a White Christmas. Will you pray with me?

Oh, sure, everyone likes a white Christmas. But I feel especially desperate. I honestly cannot tell you when the last time was that I experienced a White Christmas. It's always a white Christmas wherever I am not. For example, when I lived in the states, my parents would have a white Christmas if I stayed home in Chicago. If I went to New York to be with my parents, or if we went south to be with my sister, they would have a White Christmas in Chicago. Last year, when I was here in Germany, wouldn't you know it, they had a white Christmas both in Chicago and in New York! What is the deal? Do I personally repel snow on the most important day of the year?!!!

So this year, I seriously, whole-heartedly praying that the Chicagoland area will have snow in the days leading up to Christmas. It would be icing on the cake if it actually snowed on the day of Christmas. But I'll take old snow still on the ground. I just want to look out the window and see snow. Is that too much to ask for? Answer: NO. I know that God likes to give good gifts to his children. So, my grown up Christmas wish for 2009....a White Christmas.

Oh wait, I think I previously declared to God that I would be satisfied, even ecstatic if I could just "Be Home for Christmas"... OK, I suppose I am happy enough just knowing I'll be home with friends and family for the holidays. But that doesn't mean I'm gonna stop praying for snow. You don't have to either :-)

I'd love to insert a picture here of a white Christmas, but I don't have any. Last time I saw one it was before digital cameras!

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  1. Dear Jesus. Like my kids like to say, You have "God magic that can do anything You want"! It's just a little thing Lord, but would you bless Viki with some snow in Chicago this Christmas please? And thank You that she could be home for this very special BIRTHDAY PARTY of Yours. Continue to keep her safe and bless her. Thank You that You will continue to be her Jehovah Jireh.

    love Tanya