Thursday, September 10, 2009

I had my first small group time last night. I have 5 freshman girls and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna LOVE this! Four of my girls are home students who have lived in the area for many years. The fifth one is new this year and she is in the dorm that I worked at 10 years ago. For our first time together we just spent time getting to know each other and having fun together.

There were so many things that I loved about last night. First of all, the girls wanted to know about me. As soon as we got to my classroom I was bombarded with all sorts of questions about me, my life, etc. They had even done some research on me before coming, because they knew who my roommate was and where I lived, they had made guesses about my age (thankfully they were wrong - 28). So, I started out with sharing about my story, my life and how I ended up here. Sure enough, before we moved on to anything else, they asked how long I was gonna be here. They always want to know how long you are going to invest in them.

Then we played a good game of Pit, new for several of my girls. Then it was time for them to tell me a little about themselves. So, I brought out the marshmallows and the candle stick. While each one roasted a marshmallow and at their smore, they got to tell me some stuff about themselves. One of my girls was born in Japan and lived there till she was 7. One of my girls is Korean and has lived in Turkey since she was 5. One of my girls loves people, big groups of people, she just kept telling us how much she loves to be with people.

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